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For the next release
- FEST-470 Lenient Equals (allows pecifying on which properties equals should be perfomed)
2.0M2 release notes
- github#9 : Allow custom assertions to have access to their description using descriptionText()
2.0M1 release notes
- Date assertions : 28 assertions !
- Using a custom comparator instead of equals() to compare objects in assertions
- Assertions class now exposes all assertions related API : assertThat, fail API, entry for Map assertions and anyOf condition
- Richer conditions : has, are, areAtLeast, areAtMost, ...
- OR assertions with anyOf conditions
- isEqualTo assertion error message improvement
- Iterable assertions
- InputStream assertions
- 3 new exception assertions : hasMessageStartingWith, hasMessageContaining, hasMessageEndingWith
- When an assertion fails, the exception stack is filtered to avoidshowing fest stack trace elements
- New List and array assertion : isSorted
- isGreaterThan, isLessThan, isGreaterThanOrEqualTo and isLessThanOrEqualTo work now with primitive wrappers
- Fail API : fail() method removed
- Fail API learned failBecauseExceptionWasNotThrown(exception class)
- New collection/array assertions : containsNull, doesNotContainNull
- New collection assertions : isSubsetOf
Jira release note :
1.4 -> 2.0 Migration guide
Migration steps are detailed in Fest Assertions github wiki :
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