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For the next release
next version release notes (WIP)
2.0M8 release notes
Breaking changes :
Remove dependency on AWT : AWT assertions moved to a new module
Use java 6 instead of java 5
New features :
github#79 : String assertions are available on (small) file by calling contentOf(File) method (Olivier Michallat)
github#73 : new assertion ListAssert.has(Condition, Index) (Bo Gotthardt)
github#97 : new assertion, Index) (Bo Gotthardt)
github#50 : new assertion StringAssert.containsOnlyOnce (Pauline Iogna)
Improvement :
github#87 : Fail.failBecauseExpectedExceptionWasNotThrown now takes a Throwable instead of an Exception
github#86 : tests : org.fest.assertions.internal contain too much classes
github#82 : tests : org.fest.assertions.api contain too much classes (Olivier Michallat)
github#91 : tests : move fail tests in a "fail" subpackage
github#106 : provide better extensibility by exposing assertion WritableAssertionInfo
github#74 : ObjectAssert lenient equals assertions now takes inherited fields into account
Bug :
github#92 : Fix BinaryDiff_diff_File_byteArray_Test test that was failing on windows
github#104 : containsExactly does not work with SortedSet
Move creation of ArrayLists into a Lists class
Move creation of Sets to Sets class
Move Iterable-related methods out of the Collections
Iterables : Rename 'isEmpty' to 'isNullOrEmpty'
Move back factory of primitive arrays from fest-util back to fest-assert
2.0M7 release notes
New features :
github#43 : New File assertion : hasContent(String content) and hasBinaryContent(byte[] expected) (Olivier Michallat)
github#48 : Add hasTime assertion to DateAssert (Nicolas Francois and Guillaume Girou)
github#71 : New File assertions : canRead(), canWrite() (Olivier Demeijer)
Improvement :
github#12 : overridingErrorMessage should be ported in 2.0
github#54 : ObjectArrayAssert methods should use T parameter instead of Object
github#70 : Properties.from should use Iterable (Florent Biville)
github#73 : Maven build should assure that we build a java 5 compatible version
github#58 : Properties: add ofType() method to improve API fluency
Bug :
github#75 : ShouldHaveEqualContent unexpected MissingFormatArgumentException.
github#85 : ShouldHaveTime_create_Test test fails because of time zone dependency.
2.0M6 release notes
New features :
github#29 : MapAssert should have containsKey(), containsValue() and counterparts (Nicolas Francois)
github#31 : Move isInstanceOf and friends to AbstractAssert (Nicolas Francois)
github#32 : add class related assertions : hasSameClassAs, doesNotHaveSameClassAs, isExactlyInstanceOf, isOfAnyClassIn and counterparts (Nicolas Francois)
github#35 : Port containsExactly to Fest 2.0 (was in Fest 1.x) (Nicolas Francois)
github#42 : Move hasSameSize to EnumerableAssert to make it available in *ArrayAssert (Nicolas Francois)
Improvement :
github#52 : Remove final on methods to provide better extensibility (FEST-475)
github#56 : Date assert error message improvement
Bug :
Fix some error compilation only occuring with oracle jdk 1.7.0_05, error being having two static import with same name.
github#56 : containsOnly does not handle null elements
2.0M5 release notes
New features :
- github#34 : Add generic type to MapAssert (Nicolas Francois)
- github#22 : add base assertion isEqualsToByComparingFields (Nicolas Francois)
- github#23 : Filters now support null value (Joel Costigliola)
- FEST-358 : New numbers assertions : isNotPositive / isNotNegative (Nicolas Francois)
- FEST-476 : Improve error message when comparing numbers with offset (Joel Costigliola)
Improvement :
- github#22 : Use multiline error message to ease comparing actual and expected (Joel Costigliola)
- Make assertions more type safe (work in progress) (Mikhail Mazursky)
Bug :
- github#26 : fix Lenient Equals By Ignoring Fields (Nicolas Francois)
2.0M4 release notes
- Improve type safety (Mikhail Mazursky)
- Refactor custom comparators : introducing customElementComparator for group assertions (Mikhail Mazursky)
- github#20 : new group assertions : containsAll(Iterable) (Joel Costigliola)
- github#16 : new BigDecimalAssert assertions : isEqualTo(String) and isEqualByComparingTo(String) (Joel Costigliola)
2.0M3 release notes
- FEST-404 : Filter API on iterable/array
- FEST-470 : Lenient Equals (allows specifying on which properties equality should be performed)
- FEST-447 : Increase ComparableAssert API flexibility
- FEST-478 : Add support for parametrized types in AbstractAssert
- FEST-221 : Array and Iterable new assertion : hasSameSizeAs
- FEST-481 : isIn() and isNotIn() assertions should take Iterable<?> instead of Collection<?>
- github#17 : DateAssert isNotBetween error message must be improved
- github#13 : Improve error messages
2.0M2 release notes
- github#9 : Allow custom assertions to have access to their description using descriptionText()
2.0M1 release notes
- Date assertions : 28 assertions !
- Using a custom comparator instead of equals() to compare objects in assertions
- Assertions class now exposes all assertions related API : assertThat, fail API, entry for Map assertions and anyOf condition
- Richer conditions : has, are, areAtLeast, areAtMost, ...
- OR assertions with anyOf conditions
- isEqualTo assertion error message improvement
- Iterable assertions
- InputStream assertions
- 3 new exception assertions : hasMessageStartingWith, hasMessageContaining, hasMessageEndingWith
- When an assertion fails, the exception stack is filtered to avoidshowing fest stack trace elements
- New List and array assertion : isSorted
- isGreaterThan, isLessThan, isGreaterThanOrEqualTo and isLessThanOrEqualTo work now with primitive wrappers
- Fail API : fail() method removed
- Fail API learned failBecauseExceptionWasNotThrown(exception class)
- New collection/array assertions : containsNull, doesNotContainNull
- New collection assertions : isSubsetOf
Jira release note :
1.4 -> 2.0 Migration guide
Migration steps are detailed in Fest Assertions github wiki :
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