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FEST-Assert provides a fluent interface for assertions.


int removed = employees.removeFired();
List<Employee> newEmployees = employees.hired(TODAY);
                        .contains(frodo, sam);

The 2.x branch is an attempt to learn from mistakes made in the the 1.x release, in terms of readability and extensibility.

FEST's assertions are incredibly easy to write: just type assertThat followed the actual value and a dot, and any Java IDE will show you all the assertions available for the type of the object to verify. No more confusion about the order of the "expected" and "actual" values. Our assertions are very readable as well: they read very close to plain English, making it easier for non-technical people to read test code.

FEST provides also separate modules for :

For more details please visit :

Many thanks to Cloudbees for their FOSS program that allows FEST to have a Jenkins CI server and Sonar for code quality report.