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Fast Image-Based Localization using Direct 2D-to-3D Matching - ACG_Localizer

This is the code from paper Fast Image-Based Localization using Direct 2D-to-3D Matching found here

This codes compiles on Ubuntu 16.04 as of 19/11/2019. Please not at this time of writing the executables have not been tested yet - I will updating this soon.

The dependencies needed as listed in the README.txt:

  • ANN - Get it from Installation notes in their doc. Before compiling it change typedef double ANNcoord; into typedef float ANNcoord; in file ann_1.1.2/include/ANN/ANN.h. I also had to uncomment line 62 in ann_1.1.2/Makefile, #cd test ; $(MAKE) $@.

  • FLANN - Modified version included, follow the instructions in flann-1.6.11-src-modified/doc/manual.pdf and also run make install - might need to sudo it.

  • GMM - run sudo apt-get install libgetfem++-dev

  • LAPACK - run sudo apt-get install libblas-dev liblapack-dev

  • F2C - I had to install that aswell, run sudo apt-get install f2c

  • The rest of the dependencies jhead, OpenMesh, SFMT should be included.

Please raise an issue if you come across a problem.