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This was connected to a series of Twilio apps I made using a service called Webscript in Lua. Most of that code isn't public (since it was hosted on Webscript and I cancelled my subscription), but they:

  1. Texted my friend Dan on repeat every minute for about 2 hours pretending to be a lady from his past
  2. Texted my friend Dave every Saturday at approximately 6:30pm, "Hellllll yeah" for about 3 months without him knowing the culprit
  3. Texted me every morning, "What's on your mind?" and posted the response on Twitter with "#dailythoughtjournal" appended

index.html was so that anyone could add a phone number and message of their own.

I was later informed that the first two apps were apparently "violations" of Twilio's "Terms of Service"...oops.