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This repo contains sample/example files of various file formats. This project originated when I needed a variety of sample files of various web-renderable types (e.g., xlsx, csv, images, etc). I ended up creating a bunch more than I needed and figured it might be useful for other people.

These files and more can be found at

file_info.json contains four things(seen below in table form): file_type, tags, ext (extention), and file_name (the name of the file in the files folder).

This repo currently contains almost 70 sample files. Some are different encodings of the same file type as you can see below (see ".doc" below for an example).

ext File Type File Name Tags
.abap abap ffc.abap code
.as actionscript code
.ada ada ffc.ada code
.asciidoc AsciiDoc ffc.asciidoc code
.asm assembly_x86 ffc.asm code
.ahk autohotkey ffc.ahk code
.bat batchfile ffc.bat code
.bmp Windows bitmap ffc.bmp images
.cpp c_cpp ffc.cpp code
.cpp cpp ffc.cpp code
.csv Comma-Separated Values ffc.csv data
.dbf DataBase File ffc.dbf data
.dcm Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine ffc.dcm image
.dif Data Interchange Format ffc.dif data
.doc Microsoft 6.0 Document ffc_6.doc text, Microsoft
.doc Microsoft 95 Document ffc_95.doc text, Microsoft
.doc Microsoft 97, 2000, and XP Document ffc_97_2000_xp.doc text, Microsoft
.docx Open XML Microsoft document ffc.docx text, Microsoft
.dta STATA Data Version 12 ffc_12.dta data
.dta STATA Data Version 13 ffc_13.dta data
.eps Ecapsulated PostScript ffc.eps image
.gif Graphics Interchange Format ffc.gif images
.html HyperText Markup Language ffc.html code
.iff Interchange File Format ffc.iff image
.jpg, jpeg Joint Photographic Experts Group ffc.jpg images
.ods Open Office Spreadsheet ffc.ods data
.odt Open Office Text Document ffc.odt text
.ots Open Office Spreadsheet Template ffc.ots data
.ott Open Office Text Template text
.pbm Netpbm format ffc.pbm image
.pict, .pic, .pct Macintosh picture metafile ffc.pct image
.pcx Personal Computer Exchange ffc.pcx image
.pdb AportisDoc (Palm) ffc_palm.pdb text
.pdf Portable Document Format ffc.pdf text
.txt plaintext ffc.txt code
.png Portable Network Graphics ffc.png images
.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint ffc.ppt image, Microsoft
.pptx Open XML Microsoft PowerPoint ffc.pptx image, Microsoft
.psb Photoshop file ffc.psb image
.psd Photoshop document ffc.psd image
.psw Pocket Word ffc.psw text
.pxr Pixar Image Computer ffc.pxr image
.py Python programming language code
.py python code
.R R programming language ffc.R code
.raw Photoshop Raw File ffc.raw image
.RData Stored R Object ffc.RData code
.rtf Rich Text Format ffc.rtf text
.sav SPSS Data ffc.sav data
.slk SYmbolic LinK ffc.slk data
.spv SPSS Output File ffc.spv data
.stc Open Office XML Spreadsheet Template data
.stw Open Office XML Text Template ffc.stw image
.svg Scalable Vector Graphics ffc.svg images
.sxc Open Office XML Spreadsheet ffc.sxc data
.sxw Open Office XML Text Document ffc.sxw image
.tga Truevision TGA ffc.tga image
.tiff Tagged Image File Format ffc.tif images
.txt Text File ffc.txt text
.txt Text File encoded as utf-8 ffc_utf-8.txt text
.uos Uniform Office Format Spreadsheet ffc_1.uos data
.uos Uniform Office Format 2 Spreadsheetp ffc_2.uos data
.uot Uniform Office Format Text ffc_1.uot text
.uot Uniform Office Format 2 Text ffc_2.uot text
.xls Excel Binary ffc.xls data, Microsoft
.xlsx Open XML Microsoft spreadsheet ffc.xlsx data, Microsoft
.xml xml ffc.xml code
.xml Microsoft Word 2003 XML ffc_word_2003.xml text, Microsoft


Sample files of various types




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