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A sample integration powered by ReactJS.NET showing how to have react and good old Sitecore WebControls work together. This allows use react for Sitecore renderings. The integration simply provides the bridge between the two.
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Sitecore React integration (Powered by ReactJS.NET)

How to get started.

  1. Install clean Sitecore 8.1

  2. Drop Sitecore.Kernel to sc.lib folder.

  3. Modify the following two settings in src/TdsGlobal.config or add src/TdsGlobal.config.user with overrides under <PropertyGroup Condition=" '$(Configuration)' == 'Debug' ">:



  1. Deploy in Debug configuration via TDS from VS.

If you don't have TDS

  1. Copy the sitecore folder from src\Reactor.Items to your data\serialization\master folder and update database.
  2. Deploy the output of the Web project with a script or manually.
  3. Don't forget including the web.config. It contains much needed settings for ReactJS.NET to work.
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