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MentorNear is my Thinkful API Capstone using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, and 3rd Party APIs
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Link to Live Demo App

This is an MVP of this start-up concept of Mentorship service similar to a dating app like Tinder, CoffeeMeetsBagel, and shared economy concepts like Lyft and Uber.

However, due to the scope of this project, I was limited to only using 3rd party APIs, so it's not fully what it could be, but it's sufficient to demonstrate the app concept.


  1. Link to Live Demo App
  2. Qualified Product Development Roadmap Google Sheet


  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3
  3. Bootstrap
  4. Normalize.css
  5. Javascript
  6. jQuery
  7. 3rd Party APIs: Random User Generator, Random Quotes Generator
  8. Dates.js Library


  1. Chrome Dev Tools


1 Home Page

Designed like a regular SaaS App. Users are meant with a description of challenges and solutions MentorNear provides

2 Find Mentor Page

Users can cycle through several mentor profiles until they choose one.

3 Mentor Calendar Page

Users can find 30 minute time block on their mentor's calendar

4 Mentor Form Page

Users can answer mentor's question form to prepare for their meeting

5 Confirmation Page

Users get a confirmation that their mentor meeting has been booked


  1. Priority Management: Figuring out which features are worth the time and core to product.
  2. Time Management: Keeping app within 1 week scope
  3. Focus with Limited Tools: The focus of this app was to ultilize 3rd party APIs in a meaningful way, however, we were limited to just using JavaScript and jQuery, therefore, it was hard to accomplish the neatness and organization that comes with React.


  1. Build A React App Version: Using pure jQuery and JavaScript to accomplish this app was a nightmare, if I had attempted this project using React, the process would be neater, code more maintainable and readable for everyone.
  2. Use JavaScript Modules: I was not experienced with JavaScript modules, therefore, all my JavaScript code lived in 1 file which made it really difficult to deal with


  1. Justin Tieu - Software Engineer Eversight
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