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Personal project using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, React.js, Redux, Jest & Enzyme testing
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Link to Live Demo App

This project was a start-up idea I had inspired by my work exerience at 15Five and IFTTT.

When I was introduced to OKRs at 15Five, it just made so much sense to me and resonated with my own goal-oriented personality.

Then, when I was introduced to the world of IoT technologies at IFTTT, I thought: what if, I could create a goal management software that integrates with all the popular software tools that tech companies regularly use like Google Calendar, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc and automate goal management?

The idea of SOKR was born to help automate goals through the everyday tools you use daily.

This is accomplish by attaching tools to Key Results and automating the goal tracking on the Key Results level by integrating with commonly used software tools in tech companies.

This project only reflects the proof of concept from the UI perspective, in the future, I might create the backend for this project.


  1. Link to Live Demo App
  2. SOKR Product Development Roadmap Google Sheet
  3. Trello Board: Project Management
  4. My Rendition of OKRs Blog


1. Objectives

Start by creating an objective with a start and end date, objective statement, and goal category

2. Key Results

Set Key Results related to your Objective, give them specific measurable metrics, and a measuable statement

3. Automate Your Key Results via Tools

Attach a Key Result with a software tool you would use to accomplish that goal and automate your efforts

4. Weekly Items

Log tasks associated with your Objectives, Key Results with Weekly Items (Plans, Achievements, Challenges)

5. Weekly Items Dashboard

Track all your Weekly Items and see different emoji faces reflect your progress

Weekly Items Dash

Weekly Plans

Weekly Achievements

Weekly Challenges

6. All Objective Dashboard

Track the progress of all your Objectives


  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3
  3. Javascript
  4. Bootstrap
  5. React
  6. Redux


  1. React Moments
  2. React Date Picker
  3. React BootStrap
  4. React Select


  1. React Chrome Extension
  2. Redux Chrome Extension
  3. Chrome Dev Tools
  4. Jest, Enzyme


  1. Priority Management: Figuring out which features are worth the time and core to product. Ex. decided to stimulate automated Key Results using a JSON file that stores software tool images
  2. Time Management: Keeping app within 2 weeks scope
  3. Focus: Dedicating more time on one particular skill, specifically, JavaScript over other technologies. Therefore, for styling and other features, delegate it to other libraries or frameworks.
  4. Ignorance and Inexperience: Unsure of what actual technologies, time, and effort is needed to create an MVP that is sufficient for a proof of concept


  1. Database: Add database to allow for unique user profiles
  2. Authentication: To allow users to login via Google OAuth, etc
  3. 3rd Party API Integration: Build integration with IFTTT or Zapier to stimulate automating goals via integrated software tools
  4. Create Full Stack: Build an actual backend


  1. Justin Tieu - Software Engineer Eversight
  2. Mario Retana Rojas - Software Engineer Akurey
  3. Steve Novosel - Software Engineer Cadent
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