This Maven plugin deploys war/ear/ejb/rar etc applications to local or remote servers. Supports Glassfish 3.1 and Jboss 4.x-6.x
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This plugin deploys maven projects to remote Jboss 4.x-6.x and Glassfish 3.1 servers.
- uses HTTP API only, do not require local Jboss or Glassfish installation.
- supports secure connections.
- auto find the best module to deploy. If it runs from 'pom' type project, 
  it scans child modules for 'ear' 'war' 'rjb' 'rar' ... types, and use
  most common type to deploy. Therefore, you can build and deploy your project
  by single command: mvn package deployer:deploy from the root module. Of course,
  it's configurable.
- if target Jboss server runs on remote machine, tries to find public API ( jboss downloads
  file to deploy from URL, therefore that URL should be visible from target server ).