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This small application illustrates Ehcache Cache Writers & Cache Loaders.

It is a web application that can be launched using Maven, by running:

mvn jetty:run

This will start jetty and you should be able to connect to http://localhost:8080/raffle/
When filling out the form, the information will be sent to org.terracotta.ehcache.raffle.web.ParticipateServlet
Which in turn will check whether the key (the email address) is already present in the cache and then add an entry
using the putWithWriter method. The "participants" cache is using the org.terracotta.ehcache.raffle.CsvWriter which
stores cached entries in a CSV file in the user's home driectory.

Going to http://localhost:8080/raffle/winners will trigger an asynchronous bulk load from the CSV file. Upon the first
request, at the bottom of the page, the registered participants should indicate 0. Wait a little and refresh the page
until all participants have been loaded... The loading happens through the index.jsp page in the winners directory,
which asks the Cache to load using org.terracotta.ehcache.raffle.CsvLoader.