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MTStatusBarOverlay Xamarin Bindings

Xamarin iOS unified bindings for great objc library MTStatusBarOverlay MTStatusBarOverlay

Current binding is built against commit 4974f12aff1443b4767a7ea4ccd8875adf974712

Available as a Nuget by installing package MTStatusBarOverlayBindings.iOS

Binding details

Binding was done by compiling MTStatusBarOverlay for arm64/armv7/i386, merging those 3 .a files into one (using lipo/libtool command, details here) libtool -static libMTStatusBarOverlay.a.armv7a libMTStatusBarOverlay.a.arm64 libMTStatusBarOverlay.a.i386 libMTStatusBarOverlay.a.x86_64 -o libMTStatusBarOverlay.a To check the final .a file, run this and you should see lipo -info libMTStatusBarOverlay.a Architectures in the fat file: libMTStatusBarOverlay.a are: armv7 arm64 i386 x86_64

After that against source code we run sharpie to generate C# classes.

sharpie bind -output Binding -v -sdk iphoneos8.2 -scope MTStatusBarOverlay MTStatusBarOverlay/MTStatusBarOverlay.h -c -IMTStatusBarOverlay -v

Adding -v in the end helps a lot to understand why the sharpie crashes (and it does sometimes). Turns out, MTStatusBarOverlay.h didn't had #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> and it was compiling fine, but sharpie could not parse it. After adding the import, sharpie generated ApiDefinition/StructsAndEnums files and we're good.


Thank you, myell0w, for doing this simple yet amazing library. We're glad we can use it in Xamarin apps. Thank you, Slepter, for fixing iOS 9 black screen bug


MTStatusBarOverlay Xamarin (monotouch) bindings



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