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This repo is obsolete

I was working on generating bindings from Firebase CocoaPods directly into NuGet Packages.

As a result we have know a tool called objc-automatic to do that. Firebase Xamarin.iOS bindings are provided by Xamarin and are now available via NuGet.

This was a good excersise in understanding how different might be pod structure and how much easier is it's with NuGet; how ObjectiveSharpie is working on huge amounts of codebase (feedback submitted!) and how Xamarin.iOS linker is working across multiple assemblies and projects.

Xamarin Team, thank you for your help and support and tools.


Google Firebase bindings for Xamarin.iOS. This code is provided as is.

In order to use the new Firebase from Google we have to get some bindings for Xamarin apps, right?

We know Xamarin is working on them (see here, here and here) but it's taking longer than it should.

So here is a repo everyone can collaborate and grow the Firebase for Xamarin.iOS apps.

Firebase for Xamarin.Android is already available in Nuget. Read more here.


I appreciate any feedback on the bindings and how to make them better. Open an issue or submit a pull request.

What's in there

  1. Firebase Analytics
  2. Firebase Auth (Google Sign In for now only)
  3. Firebase Realtime Database and a sample app.

Running the sample.

Please create an app in the Firebase console, download GoogleService-Info.plist and put it in the project.

Firebase Auth demo requires enabled Google Sign In

Firebase Database demo requires a "node1" child node in the database.


  1. Add as many Firebase features as possible
  2. Provide this binding as a Nuget
  3. Enable versioning and clearly declare which version of Firebase is used in each build
  4. Configure automatic CI


[obsolete] Google Firebase bindings for Xamarin.iOS







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