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Logentries SDK for Xamarin.iOS

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This is a Xamarin iOS unified bindings for Logentries le_ios static library le_ios

Current binding is built against commit 425e8357802d4834f3d4ce64204dcfd1347bf02f

Logentries for iOS features:

  • online/offline logging
  • dictionary serialization
  • secure TLS connection
  • thread safety
  • application lifecycle logging
  • application crash logging with stack traces


Install NuGet package: Install-Package Xamarin.Logentries.iOS

If you don't have an account yet, go ahead and create free account.

Note: this is a referral link. Using it will help to grow my logging limits. Here is a plain old url https://logentries.com/

Simple example

using Logentries.iOS;
LELog.SharedInstance.Token = yourToken;
LELog.SharedInstance.Log("Hey, world of live logging! What's up?");

Additional information available on Logentries website and Logentries iOS repository.

Binding details

Binding was done by compiling le_ios lelib static library for arm64/armv7/i386/x86_64, merging those 4 .a files into one (using lipo/libtool command, details here) libtool -static lelib.a.armv7 lelib.a.arm64 lelib.a.i386 lelib.a.x86_64 -o libLogentries.a To check the final .a file, run this and you should see lipo -info libLogentries.a Architectures in the fat file: libLogentries are: armv7 arm64 i386 x86_64

After that against source code we run sharpie to generate C# classes.

sharpie bind -output Binding -v -sdk iphoneos9.2 -scope lelib le_ios/lelib/lelib.h -c -Ilelib -v

Adding -v in the end helps a lot to understand why the sharpie crashes (and it does sometimes).