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GeSHi Syntax Highlighter for SPARQL and N3/Turtle

This project provides a SPARQL and N3/Turtle syntax highlighting extension for GeSHi, the generic syntax highlighter for PHP. The objective to develop this extension was the lack of syntax highlighting for SPARQL and Turtle in the GeSHi extension of Mediawiki. But the syntax highlighter can just as easily be plugged into any other GeSHi-capable CMS.




  • N3/Turtle highlighter extended by SPARQL support,
  • distinction of S, P and O using different colors,
  • recognition of most important N3/Turtle and SPARQL keywords,
  • extra color for SPARQL variables,
  • highlighting of Virtuoso built-in functions, e.g. bif:contains().

This GeSHi extension was developed by the E-Business and Web Science Research Group at the Bundeswehr University Munich. The project was initiated by Christian Fürber and carried on by Alex Stolz. It is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPLv2.

For a demo of the extension please refer to the Axioms Web page in the GoodRelations Wiki.

E-Business and Web Science Research Group Bundeswehr University Munich


The Semantic Web GeSHi extension is available under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License. The work on this project has been supported by the German Federal Ministry of Research (BMBF) by a grant under the KMU Innovativ program as part of the Intelligent Match project (FKZ 01IS10022B).