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SAPFioriBikes using SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

This project showcases some of the Map Floorplan features of the 3.1 release of the SAP Fiori iOS SDK. Inspired by Apple's TANDm application from WWDC 2017 and the installation of Ford GoBike across the bay area, SAPFioriBikes clusters bike stations and shows the number of bikes and eBikes at each location using the SAPFiori Map Floorplan implementation. With this application I hope I can finally track down one of the Ford GoBike Plus!

SAPFioriBikes iPhone

Detail Panel Search Results Bart

SAPFioriBikes iPad

Detail Panel Search Results Bart

SAPFioriBikes Editing Geospatial Objects

Complete Bike Path

Getting Started

  1. Download the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS to get necessary frameworks locally.

  2. Clone the repository.

  3. Add the SAPFiori.framework and SAPCommon.framework to the Embedded Binaries and Linked Frameworks and Libraries.

  4. Install StellarJay using Carthage

  5. Build and Run 🚴‍

  6. Read my walkthrough and checkout the corresponding branch (post#)

    1. SAPFioriBikes: Visualization of GoBike Stations Built with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS
    2. SAPFioriBikes: Searching and Displaying GoBike Stations with SAP CP SDK for iOS
    3. SAPFioriBikes: Geospatial Objects with SAP CP SDK for iOS
    4. SAPFioriBikes: Drawing Geospatial Items with SAP CP SDK for iOS


  • Xcode 10.0+
  • SAPFiori
  • SAPCommon
  • StellarJay

API References

Built With



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