iOS Custom Object for geo-AR based apps
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DBCompass helps you to develop iOS apps in which you need to determine the heading of the user's phone (refered to a coordinate) or the distance between the user and a given location.

It offers you a way to track the user's location and heading given by a coordinate or an address.

Really useful for geolocation AR applications.


You should add the following frameworks to your project in order to work with DBCompass



DBCompass helps you to develop applications that requires the use of the user's heading direction or distance between some locations. The object could be initialized by two different ways:

DBCompass * compass = [[DBCompass alloc] initWithCoordinate:CLLocationCoordinate2D(41.3825, 2.17694);


NSDictionary *dictionary = [[NSDicionary alloc] initWithObjects:@[@"street", @"number", @"zip_code", @"town", @"province"] forKeys:@[@"street", @"number", @"zip_code", @"town", @"province"]];
DBCompass * compass = [[DBCompass alloc] initWithAddress:address_dictionary];

then just send the 'start' message to the object

[compass start];


Testing or Debugging process

//Change this value to NO to not be notified by NSLog events
static BOOL const kCompassTesting = YES;

Behaviour options

If you want to set a range for the delegate to notify you when the user is pointing to location. By default is set to 0.2.

[compass setPointingTolerance: 0.4];

If you want to get the distance between user's location and the coordinate given in Kilometers. By default is set to NO.

[compass setGetDistanceInKilometers: YES];

If you want to get the distance between user's location and the coordinate given in Miles. By default is set to NO.

[compass setGetDistanceInMiles: YES];

Delegate Methods

DBCompass offers you some delegate methods to simplify your work

- (void)    compass:(id)controller compassDidChangeHeading:(float)angle;
- (void)    compass:(id)controller compassIsNotPointingLocationWithError:(float)angle;
- (void)    compass:(id)controller compassIsPointingLocationWithError:(float)angle;
- (void)    compass:(id)controller compassDidFailedLoadingAddressWithError:(NSError*)error;
- (void)    compass:(id)controller compassDidSucceedLoadingAddress:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)location;
- (void)    compass:(id)controller distanceFromRemoteLocation:(float)distance;


Licensed under Apache License v2.0. A copy can be found inside this folder.