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My Linux setup and configuration for Huawei Mate Pro X
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# About

I bought a Huawei Mate Book Pro X 2018 (i5 8G). As I don't use W*ndows 
and don't like to be controlled by an OS, but instead controll my computers,
I installed Debian on day one. As I don't like W*ndows I don't like OSes
that try be as "user friendly" as W*indows, so I don't use systemd, gnome, ...

So this setup starts with a minimal Debian9, then I add X11, an xterm, a 
window manger and a browser. Nothing more is needed the way I work.

On the way there are some more packages to controll the computer. And some
packages are not allowed.

This repository is a collection of config files and scripts for a system
I like to work with.

# Setup

Debian 9.5 Setup 
	debian 9.5 installer crashed: debian testing installed, then downgrade to  debian 9.5 

Packages added:
	xinput xrandr xscreensaver xdm acpi acpid openbox sysvinit-core chrome ...

Packages removed:
	sudo dbus systemd avahi-autoipd avahi

made shutdown-alex suid root group alex for unpriveliged user "alex"
	cp /sbin/shutdown /sbin/shutdown-alex
	chgrp alex /sbin/shutdown-alex
	chmod 4750 /sbin/shutdown-alex

	added nouveou to blacklist due to silent kernel panics in the modules
	(I don't use nvidia feature actually)

# Usability Features

X11 Keybinding Features:
	"WINDOW"-"Shift"-"Q"	Shutdown
	"WINDOW"-"X"		Xterm
	"WINDOW"-"W"		Webbrowser
	"WINDOW"-"L"		Lock Screen
	"WINDOW"-"+"		Zoom X11
	"WINDOW"-"-"		Zoom X11
	Also working: brighter, darker, louder, quieter, mute

ACPI Features:
	"Powerbutton"		Suspend
	"Lidclose"		Backlight off, Shutdown after 30 minutes
	"Lidopen"		Backlight On

Openbox Config
	Mouse follow Focus
	Click Border to Raise/Lower Window
	Two Finger scroll through virtual desktops
	Two Finger move windows to virtual desktops using borders

X11 Config
	Touchpad Natural Scrolling
X11 RootWindow
	Status Information "osd"

	WLAN Network Selector using ncurses
	Automatic USB/LAN Adapter configuration
	Disabled all Auto/Magic Discovery (avahi, 169.x.x.x, ...)

# Hardware Information

FAN Control:
	"Sensors" does not detect fann speeds.
	Notebook controls the fan automatically. 
	Fan starts at 48°C, and gets louder at 62°C

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