Captcha plugin for Apache Roller based on Cage captcha library
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Captcha plugin for Apache Roller based on cage library

This is a captcha plugin for Apache Roller. It was tested on Apache Roller version 5.1.1.

Dependencies: To build this plugin you need maven. And you need to specify the path to "WEB-INF/classes" directory of Roller in "pom.xml":


Then run: "mvn package".


  1. Put 'roller-cage-0.1.jar' and it's dependency 'cage-1.0.jar' into 'WEB-INF/lib' folder of application. You can put it into 'roller.war' before deploying.
  2. Add the following string into "": comment.authenticator.classname=com.github.rollercage.CageCommentAuthenticator
  3. Also you can change the look of CAPTCHA by adding the following string: comment.authenticator.type=y