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Fork of the rikaigu Chrome extension (version at the time).

The goal of rikaigu.we is:

  • Portable to Firefox. It uses the WebExtensions API, whose goal is compatibility across browsers.
  • Extended features to support self-studying readers. Former users of the Perapera Japanese Popup Dictionary Firefox addon are probably familiar with the useful feature of saving lookups to a wordlist in the sidebar. This project aims to bring that feature back and add further context information, like sentence and source website.


Currently, this extension is tested and works on Firefox 53 and Chrome 58. To install it locally, clone this repository, then:


  1. Go to about:debugging
  2. Click the button to Load Temporary Add-On
  3. Select the manifest.json file from the cloned directory


  1. Go to chrome://extensions
  2. Click the button to Load unpacked extension...
  3. Select the cloned directory

The extension should install a browser action, represented by an icon in the toolbar, to the right of the address bar.

Warning: Windows Users

rikaigu.we ships with data in text format that relies on UNIX-style line endings to function properly. In order to make sure of this, please disable newline conversion by using the following git configuration before checking out:

git config --global core.autocrlf=false



  • Enable saving lookups to a Rails server (codename Kiroku)
  • Pressing 's' will save the current lookup to server for future reference
  • Add server settings to options page

Version 0.2.1 - 2017-08-24

  • Fix bug where context creation fails with multiple readings
  • Additionally, pass a hint parameter to help with ambiguous lookups

Version 0.2.0 - 2017-06-27

  • Fix deprecation in manifest to make preferences pane accessible in Firefox.
  • Reset version numbers, starting from 0.1.0.

Version 0.1.0 - 2017-05-17

  • Initial fork and portability adjustments to make it work on Firefox.