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Candle Studio

Deployed here:

A simple tool for modifying OHLC time series. Import csv files that have the following columns: "Open", "High", "Low", "Close". The names don't really matter, just the order. It works well ok on up to 100 rows. So you must work on intervals of your time series.

Modify the scenario and export the file. Edits can be saved to browser local storage.

How it works

Export the CSV file. For example - in R you can get stock data with quantmod's getSeries(). Let's say we've downloaded data for SSEC.

CSV Format:

  • it's expected to see the format generated by this in R:

    write.csv(GPRO["2017-01-01::2017-02-16", c("GPRO.Open", "GPRO.High", "GPRO.Low", "GPRO.Close")], file="interval.csv", row.names = FALSE)
  • will contain a header

  • Use the handles to change the candle dimensions.

  • Copy any candle to the right by clicking the arrow above it.

  • Double click the candles to reverse the Open and Close.

  • Click "Add candles" to get 5 copies of the last candle.

Video example:

Youtube video how to

How to run

The build files are included in the repo. All that's required is the index.html and the dist directory. You can load index.html in the browser, you don't need a server.