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A responsive blog theme I've developed for use on my personal website. Suitable for desktop and mobile. Designed for tutorial and post sections.


#Example Site Demo

I also use it on my personal website


  • Hugo v0.14 or better
  • LESS if you wish to compile the custom CSS


  • Use highlight = true in the front matter to include highlight js javascript and css files.
  • In the front matter, use index = true on the first post in a tutorial series to make that content the "index" page for the rest of the series
  • Include custom scripts and css on individual pages in front matter like so:
scripts = [

css = [

Site Config

These are my config.toml settings:

BaseURL = "https://base-url-here/"
relativeURLs = false
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "SiteTitle.Com"
disqusShortname = "*****"
paginate = 5

	tag = "tags"
	tutorial = "tutorials"

	# Render the rotating globe in the sidebar
	showglobe = true

	# Include favicon
	favicon = "favicon.ico"
	# Google Analytics
	analytics = "SHORT-CODE-HERE"

	# Email (optional)
	email = ""
	# Header Title for the main page
	header = "What I'm Thinking"
	# Sidebar profile picture
	profilepic = "img/smugmug.jpg"
	# Title/subtitle for the sidebar
	title = "ALEX URQUHART"
	# Social buttons for sidebar
	# Each of these are optional
	faicon = "github"
	url = ""
	faicon = "twitter"
	url = ""
	faicon = "linkedin"
	url = ""
	faicon = "google-plus"
	url = ""

	# Nav links below the profile picture
	name = "About"
	url = "about/"
	name = "Blog"
	url = "posts/"
	name = "Tutorials"
	url = "tutorial/"

My TODO List (currently working on v2.0)

  • Clean up and simplify the CSS
  • Make Disqus comments optional on a per-page basis
  • Previous/next post buttons on each page
  • Improve list pages
  • Add a sidebar on large screens with links to related posts
  • Add next/previous links at the end of posts/tutorials
  • Add breadcrumbs to top of page


World graphic in logo by Sarfraz Shoukat from Flaticon is licensed under CC BY 3.0. Made with Logo Maker