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Build Status Coverage Status #TweetMap tweetmap is a set of applications written Go, SQL, and HTML/CSS/TypeScript that I used to create the Ottawa Tweet Mapper. I have tried to follow the microservices pattern for this project as much as possible, and my end goal is having everything dockerized and capable of scaling up to many different monitoring areas, on many different machines.

##How it works A tweet makes its way into the system through the watcher application. The watcher listens to the twitter firehose and filters out non-geolocated tweets, and geolocated tweets that are not within the given bounding box. The tweet is inserted into the geodatabase, serialized into a protocol buffer, then broadcast via ZMQ to any listening applications to either be broadcast over websocket, or to be cached for display in the website.


  • lib - Written in Go, this library provides helper functions to serialize/deserialize tweets from the Twitter API stream.
  • protobuf - Protocol buffer type and helper functions.
  • watcher - Utilizes the library to listen to the Twitter firehose, filter out tweets, insert them into the geodatabase, and broadcast them over ZMQ.
  • database - Postgresql/PostGIS database used to store the tweets.
  • feed - Listens to the ZMQ feed, deserializes the tweets, and re-broadcasts them over a websocket. Keeps track of the number of connected users.
  • website - Serves the static website, as well as the JSON API for tweet statistics.

##TODO List

  • Drop dependency on ZMQ to something pure Go
  • Drop dependency on protocol buffers
  • Fork the twitterstream repo and modify it to use channels/pipelining, and also save the extra step of serializing/deserializing to protocol buffers
  • Save URL's in the tweet database
  • Convert emoji's in the tweet text to images.