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Laravel File Manager

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Laravel File Manager

DEMO: Laravel File Manager

Vue.js Frontend: alexusmai/vue-laravel-file-manager


Laravel File Manager Docs


  • Frontend on Vue.js - vue-laravel-file-manager
  • Work with the file system is organized by the standard means Laravel Flysystem:
    • Local, FTP, S3, Dropbox ...
    • The ability to work only with the selected disks
  • Several options for displaying the file manager:
    • One-panel view
    • One-panel + Directory tree
    • Two-panel
  • The minimum required set of operations:
    • Creating files
    • Creating folders
    • Copying / Cutting Folders and Files
    • Renaming
    • Uploading files (multi-upload)
    • Downloading files
    • Two modes of displaying elements - table and grid
    • Preview for images
    • Viewing images
    • Full screen mode
  • More operations (v.2):
    • Audio player (mp3, ogg, wav, aac), Video player (webm, mp4) - (Plyr)
    • Code editor - (Code Mirror)
    • Image cropper - (Cropper.js)
    • Zip / Unzip - only for local disks
  • Integration with WYSIWYG Editors:
    • CKEditor 4
    • TinyMCE 4
    • TinyMCE 5
    • SummerNote
    • Standalone button
  • ACL - access control list
    • delimiting access to files and folders
    • two work strategies:
      • blacklist - Allow everything that is not forbidden by the ACL rules list
      • whitelist - Deny everything, that not allowed by the ACL rules list
    • You can use different repositories for the rules - an array (configuration file), a database (there is an example implementation), or you can add your own.
    • You can hide files and folders that are not accessible.
  • Events (v2.2)
  • Thumbnails lazy load
  • Dynamic configuration (v2.4)
  • Supported locales : ru, en, ar, sr, cs, de, es, nl, zh-CN, fa, it, tr, fr, pt-BR, zh-TW, pl

In a new version 2.5

You can change Route prefix (default - 'file-manager')

 * LFM Route prefix
 * !!! WARNING - if you change it, you should compile frontend with new prefix(baseUrl) !!!
'routePrefix' => 'file-manager',

Open PDF files in a new tab (test) - use 'double-click'

Upgrading to version 2.5

Add a new parameter to the configuration file (config/file-manager.php)

 * LFM Route prefix
 * !!! WARNING - if you change it, you should compile frontend with new prefix(baseUrl) !!!
'routePrefix' => 'file-manager',

Update pre-compiled css and js files.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=fm-assets --force