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HTMLPurifier - Laravel 5 package

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HTML Purifier is a standards-compliant HTML filter library written in PHP.

About HTML Purifier -



composer require alexusmai/laravel-purifier

If you have Laravel 5.4 or earlier version, then add service provider to config/app.php and


add alias.

'Purifier' => Alexusmai\LaravelPurifier\Facades\PurifierFacade::class,

Publish config file (purifier.php)

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Alexusmai\LaravelPurifier\LaravelPurifierServiceProvider"


Use default settings (config/purifier.php - default)

// string

// array
Purifier::clean(['text1', 'text2', 'text3']);

// or use helper function

Or you can create your own settings in configuration file (config/purifier.php)

Purifier::clean($text, 'my-settings-name');

purifier($text, 'my-settings-name');

Or you can use dynamic configuration

Purifier::clean($text, ['HTML.Allowed' => 'div,br,span']);

purifier($text, ['HTML.Allowed' => 'div,br,span']);