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Ōlelo is a wiki that stores pages in a Git repository. See the demo installation at


A lot of the features are implemented as plugins.

  • Edit, move or delete pages
  • Support for hierarchical wikis (directory structure)
  • Upload files
  • History (also as RSS/Atom changelog)
  • Access control lists
  • Support for multiple text engines (Creole, Markdown, Textile, ...)
  • Section editing for creole markup
  • Embedded LaTeX/Graphviz graphics
  • Syntax highlighting (embedded code blocks)
  • Image resizing, SVG to bitmap conversion
  • Auto-generated table of contents
  • Templates via include-tag
  • XML tag soup can be used to extend Wiki syntax
  • View pages as S5 presentation


First, you have to install the Gem dependencies via gem:

gem install creole
gem install gitrb
gem install mimemagic
gem install slim
gem install rack
gem install unicorn


gem install rdiscount
gem install RedCloth
gem install maruku
gem install rubypants
gem install evaluator
gem install org-ruby
gem install yajl-ruby
gem install nokogiri

Then, run the program using the command in the application directory:


Point your web browser at http://localhost:8080.

Git-Wiki automatically creates a repository in the directory ./.wiki. For production purposes, I recommend that you deploy the wiki with Unicorn. I tested other webservers like thin, rainbows, webrick and mongrel. Git-Wiki works with all of them thanks to rack.


You might want to deploy the wiki on a server and want to tweak some settings. Just copy the default configuration config/config.yml.default to config/config.yml. You can specify a different configuration file via the environment variable WIKI_CONFIG.

export WIKI_CONFIG=/home/user/wiki_config.yml


Optional Dependencies

Dependencies for page rendering

At least one of these renderers should be installed:

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