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The Benchmark of Linguistic Minimal Pairs
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BLiMP: The Benchmark of Linguistic Minimal Pairs

BLiMP is a challenge set for evaluating what language models (LMs) know about major grammatical phenomena in English. BLiMP consists of 67 sub-datasets, each containing 1000 minimal pairs isolating specific contrasts in syntax, morphology, or semantics. The data is automatically generated according to expert-crafted grammars. Aggregate human agreement with the labels is 96.4%. We use BLiMP to evaluate an n-gram LM, LSTM LM, GPT-2, and Transformer-XL.

Repository Contents

  • BLiMP data: blimp/data/
  • The BLiMP paper: blimp/BLiMP.pdf
  • The BLiMP icon: blimp/blimp_icon.jpg
  • Summary of model results for all paradigms: blimp/raw_results/blimp_full_results_summary.csv
  • Summary of human validation results: blimp/raw_results/blimp_human_validation_summary.csv
  • Full human validation judgments: blimp/raw_results/blimp_human_validation_rawMTurk.csv
  • Description of all paradigms: blimp/supplemental_materials/BLiMP_Paradigms.pdf
  • Results plots for all paradigms: blimp/supplemental_materials/figures/*

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All 67 sub-datasets of BLiMP are available in .jsonl format.

Each contains 1000 lines in json format, with the following fields:

  • "sentence_good": The acceptable sentence
  • "sentence_bad": The unacceptable sentence
  • "field": Subfield of linguistics associated with the paradigm (there are 4 possible values: morphology, syntax, syntax-semantics, and semantics)
  • "linguistics_term": The category of phenomenon illustrated by the paradigm (there are 12 possible values, discussed in the paper)
  • "UID": The unique identifier for the paradigm
  • "simple_LM_method": Boolean, identifies whether the paradigm is consistent with the "simple LM method"
  • "one_prefix_method": Boolean, identifies whether the paradigm is consistent with the "one prefix method"
  • "two_prefix_method": Boolean, identifies whether the paradigm is consistent with the "two prefix method"
  • "lexically_identical": Boolean, identifies whether the sentences in the paradigm are lexically identical
  • "pairID": A number from 0-999 identifying the index of the pair in the paradigm.

The BLiMP Icon

The icon used to refer to BLiMP in the paper is included in this repository as blimp/blimp\_icon.jpg. To include this icon in your paper, you can use the following macro in LaTex (make sure you include packages graphicx and scalerel and add the blimp_icon.jpg to your project):


Recommended Citation

If you use BLiMP in your work, please cite it as follows:

  title={BLiMP: A Benchmark of Linguistic Minimal Pairs for English},
  author={Warstadt, Alex and Parrish, Alicia and Liu, Haokun and Mohananey, Anhad and Peng, Wei, and Wang, Sheng-Fu and Bowman, Samuel R},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.00582},
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