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Linode Dynamic DNS Updater
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Linode Dynamic DNS Update -


  • 1. Install the linode gem: sudo gem install linode
  • 2. Make sure you create a DNS entry with an A record pointing to your IP.
  • 3. Add this script to your crontab (runs every 10 minutes):

Crontab entry

*/10 * * * * bash -c 'source $HOME/.bash_profile && /usr/bin/ruby /opt/linode_dynamic_dns.rb'

Config file (/opt/.linoderc)

The config file ensures you're not constantly hitting Linode with DNS updates.

dynamic_host: macbook
api_key: your-linode-api-key

Make sure you change permissions of /opt/.linoderc to 600


  • If you ever delete/recreate the A record in your DNS, you'll need to change
  • or remove 'dynamic_host_resource_id' from your .linoderc config file
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