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A GitHub Action for automatically merging my pull requests on personal repos
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Auto merge my pull requests

A GitHub Action to automatically merge pull requests on my repositories if:

  • I opened the PR
  • The test suite is passing
  • I haven't marked the PR as a WIP

After the PR is merged, it deletes the branch to keep things neat and tidy.


I have a bunch of repos where I'm the only contributor, and I want to merge pull requests as soon as tests pass. (The repo with my blog, for example.)

This Action saves me the work of actually pushing the button, and means they get merged a little faster.

The Action is defined in a separate repo that doesn't have auto-merging pull requests so that somebody can't merge a PR with malicious code by editing the underlying Action.


Fork this repo, add your own rules in

Reference the Action in your .workflow file:

workflow "merge_and_cleanup" {
  on = "pull_request"
  resolves = ["when tests pass, merge and cleanup"]

action "when tests pass, merge and cleanup" {
  uses = "yourname/auto_merge_my_pull_requests@development"
  secrets = ["GITHUB_TOKEN"]


  • This will only merge pull requests which I opened. If you use this Action unmodified, you'll grant me magic PR-merging powers.

  • I'm only using this on repos that have a single test task. So it can handle this:

    but it gets confused by this:

    It will try to merge the pull request as soon as one of those checks completes. I only have a single task on each of my repos, so that's fine for me -- something like the check_suite trigger is probably more appropriate for larger builds.



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