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Whenever I go to meetups or conferences, I'm always fascinated by the things organisers do to make the event more inclusive and accessible. That could be live captioning of talks. Thoughtfully designed name badges. A diversity scholarship. Or lots of other things.

In August 2018, I wrote a blog post that listed the best ideas I'd seen across a variety of events. Lots of people have said nice things about it, and I hope it's been useful -- but my blog isn't the best place for those ideas. A blog post is a point-in-time snapshot, but best practices for inclusion change over time. Plus, I keep writing new posts and making it less visible.

Over the last six months, I've seen new ideas, and received lots of feedback on that post. I've put everything in a mini-site, which I hope is easier to read and update. This repo contains the code for that mini-site.


I'm theoretically open to contributions, but the current code is probably a bit idiosyncratic and not very clear. I'm happy to look at pull requests, but if you can't work out how to make the change you want -- that's my fault, not yours.

If you just want to tell me about something, sending me an email, a tweet, or opening an issue is the best way to do it.


CC-BY 4.0.