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The Dockerfile I use to run LaTeX
Dockerfile TeX
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This repo contains the Dockerfile I use to run LaTeX (or specifically, XeLaTeX).

I run LaTeX in a Docker container so:

  • I don't have to muck around with installing MacTeX or TeX Live. I've had particular issues in the past when the year increments (e.g. 2018 to 2019), and suddenly tlmgr stops working.

  • I have consistent package installations across machines.

  • I can easily run LaTeX on a Linux server, which means I can compile LaTeX documents on my iPad over SSH.

The idea is that the base container should be pretty small, so it builds quickly, and then I add packages as needed with tlmgr.


Clone this repo, then build a Docker image from the Dockerfile:

git clone
cd tex-dockerfile
docker build --tag alexwlchan/texlive .

To build a document, mount the folder containing the document at /data and run the Docker image, passing the name of the LaTeX binary and the source document as arguments. For example:

docker run \
  --volume $(pwd):/data \
  alexwlchan/texlive \
  xelatex example.tex

Adding fonts and packages

If you want to make extra fonts available to XeLaTeX, copy the font files (e.g. .otf, .ttf) into the fonts directory and rebuild the Docker image.

If you want to install extra packages, create a second Dockerfile and use tlmgr to install the packages in that image. For example:

# lastpage.Dockerfile
FROM alexwlchan/texlive

RUN tlmgr update --self && tlmgr install lastpage
docker build --tag alexwlchan/texlive-with-lastpage --file lastpage.Dockerfile .

To build documents with this image, use the new image name in the docker run command:

docker run \
  --volume $(pwd):/data \
  alexwlchan/texlive-with-lastpage \
  xelatex example.tex



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