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Using a combination of Node.js, Angular, and Tasker, this app will combine APIs and Services from the web to do just one thing... send cat facts.


  • Add and view your personal list of fact recipients
  • Send a cat fact via text message every day
  • Countdown clock until next fact is sent
  • Catbot that auto-replies when recipients text back
  • View the catversation between Catbot and your recipients
  • Add your own cat facts, and upvote others. The highest upvoted fact gets send out that day!
  • Quick copy-and-paste-able cat facts with the "Get Fact" button
  • Add recipients by talking to the Catbot!
  • Import all of your Google contacts at once
  • Admin console panel for managing the app
  • Twitter bot
  • Developer API

Getting Started

Official website

Visit the site and start messing with your friends!

API Documentation

Start developing!

Docs homepage

Other sites

Follow Cat Facts on Twitter

Talk to the DialogFlow bot here


If you want to set up your own version of Cat Facts, follow the instructions in this guide