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Buttons 2.0

Sauce Test Status

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Buttons 2.0

Buttons is a highly customizable production ready mobile web and desktop css button library. Buttons is a free open source project created using Sass.

Authors Alex Wolfe and Rob Levin.

Showcase Demo

View the showcase demo to see the buttons in action. The showcase provides a full list of examples along with code snippets to speed up development.

Buttons 2.0 Showcase

Setup & Installation

  1. Download the latest buttons.css
  2. Include buttons in your website:
  <!-- Buttons core css -->
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/buttons.css">

  <!-- Only needed if you want support for dropdown menus -->
  <script src="//"></script>
  <script type="text/javascript" src="js/buttons.js"></script>

  <!-- Only needed if you want font icons -->
  <link href="//" rel="stylesheet">

Bower Installation

  1. If you're using Bower you can run bower install Buttons

Transitioning From Buttons 1.0 to Buttons 2.0

We've made some major improvements to the Buttons library. In order to integrate buttons into your current project you'll need to make the following changes:

  1. Compass has been replaced with autoprefixer. Compass is not recommended but it is still supported.
  2. Button colors are now completely independent (ex. button-primary). We no longer have classes like button-flat-primary, so to achieve this you now simply add button-flat button-primary
  3. Buttons styles are now independent (ex. button-flat, button-3d, etc.). You can apply these styles and they will automatically pick up the color attached to the button (ex. button-primary button-3d).

Customize Buttons (Recommended uses Sass & Autoprefixer)

  1. Clone the Buttons repository.
  2. Make sure you have node.js installed.
  3. From the command line cd into the root for the Buttons directory.
  4. Run npm install or sudo npm install (depending on your system permissions).
  5. On the command line run grunt dev; this will open a browser with Buttons.
  6. Locate scss in the root directory.
  7. You can modify the _options.scss file where you can customize colors, typography, etc.
  8. Anytime you save your changes the Buttons showcase page will live reload with your changes!

Customize Buttons with only Sass or Compass

  1. Clone the Buttons repo.
  2. Make sure you have Sass installed.
  3. Run npm install from your terminal.
  4. Edit the _options.scss with your own custom values (see example values below).
  5. Buttons now works with or without Compass, so choose one of the following examples accordingly and run from the command line in Buttons's root directory:
    For Sass run: $ sass --watch --scss scss/buttons.scss:css/buttons.css
    For Compass run: $ compass watch
  6. The css/buttons.css file should now be updated.

Button Options

To edit Buttons simply change values within the _options.scss file. After you make your edits recompile your sass file and your changes will get processed.

  • $ubtn: This prefix stands for Unicorn Button and prevents namespace collisions that could occur if you import buttons as part of your Sass build process. We kindly ask you not to use the prefix $ubtn in your project in order to avoid possible name conflicts. Thanks!
  • $ubtn-namespace: Desired CSS namespace for your buttons (default .button)
  • $ubtn-glow-namespace: Desired CSS namespace for your glow effect (default .glow)
  • $ubtn-colors: List of colors in format like (name, background, color).
  • $ubtn-glow-color: Default glow color (#2c9adb, light blue)
  • $ubtn-shapes: List of shapes in format like (square 0px). You can use Sass maps if you're using 3.3. See _options.scss for details.
  • $ubtn-sizes: List of sizes in format like (jumbo 1.5). You can use Sass maps if you're using 3.3. See _options.scss for details.
  • $ubtn-bgcolor: Default button background color (#EEE, light gray)
  • $ubtn-height: Default height, also used to calculate padding on the sides (32px)
  • $ubtn-font-family: Default font family
  • $ubtn-font-color: Default font color (#666, gray)
  • $ubtn-font-weight: Default font weight
  • $ubtn-font-size: Default font size (14px). You can also specify a value of inherit and it will be respected.

Excluding Button Types

By default, Buttons will include all button types. You can exclude types from your compilation by simply removing the corresponding @import statement in the buttons.scss file.

//Example import statement for 3d button.
@import 'types/3d';

Remove this statement then recompile to create a build without 3d buttons.

Browser Support

Buttons works in all modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE) and gracefully degrades all to Internet Explorer 8.

About Buttons

Buttons is part of the Unicorn-UI Framework. Created by Alex Wolfe @alexwolfe and Rob Levin @roblevintennis .