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Svelte UI components based on super lightweight chota CSS framework.


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Svelte UI components based on the super light-weight chota CSS framework.

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Why chota?

When you decide to use Svelte in your projects, you expect very tiny bundles of code.

chota is a super light-weight CSS framework, which adds only ~3kb of gzipped code to your CSS bundle.

Svelte-chota is a UI kit for easily using chota in your Svelte projects.



You should install two packages:

  • chota - css framework itself
  • svelte-chota - Svelte components for chota
npm install -D chota svelte-chota

Then open the app root file (usually App.svelte) and add chota import at the top of a <script> block:

    import 'chota';


Just import the necessary components from the svelte-chota package in your components:

    import {Input,Button} from 'svelte-chota';

<Input placeholder="What do you want?" /> <Button>Find</Button>

Events handlers

You can use any on:eventname directive with any components:

    import {Button} from 'svelte-chota';
    let button_text = 'Hover me';

    on:mouseenter={ e => button_text="Don't touch me!" }
    on:mouseleave={ e => button_text="Ok, hover me again" }


Any attribute can be passed to the component, even the class attribute.

    import {Card} from 'svelte-chota';

<Card class="is-rounded text-center" style="height:100px; width:100px" title="Hello">