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jQuery plugin: SoundCloud oAuth2 API wrapper

A simple usage example:
include the plugin in your HTML code
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="scripts/"></script>
an then, initialize it
var api = $.sc.api('qqhlwkbJgox1DEssX9O1Dg');

or handle the successful authorization yourself
var api = $.sc.api('qqhlwkbJgox1DEssX9O1Dg', {
  onAuthSuccess: function(user, container) {
    alert('you are SoundCloud user ' + user.username);

also instead of passing the callbacks you can use the custom events
var api = $.sc.api('qqhlwkbJgox1DEssX9O1Dg');
$(document).bind($, function(event) {
  var user = event.user;
  // do something with the user object or call the api
  api.get('/me/tracks', function(tracks) {

Please refer to the wiki on GitHub project page for full documentation