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let quant length points =
let res = length / points in
if res >= 1 then res else 1
let fertility ?(hashsize=1000) points li =
let len = List.length li in
let step = quant len points in
let news = Hashtbl.create hashsize in
let rec go h li i res =
let res = if i mod step = 0 || i = len then
(i, Hashtbl.length h)::res
else res in
match li with
| x::xs -> begin
Utils.incr_hash h x;
go h xs (i+1) res
| _ -> List.rev res in
go news li 0 []
let () =
let points = int_of_string Sys.argv.(1) in
let cellfile = Sys.argv.(2) in
let cells = Seq.read_cell_line cellfile in
let graph = fertility points cells in
(* print_endline (Utils.show_pairs graph) *)
Utils.graph_pairs graph
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