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open Printf
open Utils
open Lmclass
open Baseclient
(* given a sample, cut of a suffix, generate a bunch of new ones,
and measure how well we predict the actual *)
let generate ?(n=1) lm len seq =
let seqlen = List.length seq in
if len >= seqlen then (seq,[]) else
let preflen = seqlen-len in
let prefix,suffix = take preflen seq,
drop len seq in
fprintf stderr "giving prefix [|%s|] and length %d..." (join prefix) seqlen; flush stderr;
let suffixes = (fun i ->
let news = lm#complete_sentence seqlen prefix in
let suffix = drop preflen news in
fprintf stderr "%s\n" (join suffix); flush stderr;
suffix) (range n)
let generate_many n lm len seqs = (generate ~n lm len) seqs
let create_client order port vocab =
let port's = sprintf "%d@localhost" port in
fprintf stderr "creating client for %s\n" port's;
let client = new lmclient port's order vocab in
assert (client#int_handle > 0);
client (* :> baseclient *)
let opt = Utils.elem_match
let () =
let argv = Array.to_list Sys.argv in
let len = match (opt argv "--len=(\\d+)") with
| Some is -> int_of_string is
| None -> 5 in
let pereach = match (opt argv "--pereach=(\\d+)") with
| Some is -> int_of_string is
| None -> 5 in
let order = match (opt argv "--order=(\\d+)") with
| Some is -> int_of_string is
| None -> 5 in
let person_prefix = "--person=" in
let person = match (opt argv (person_prefix^"(\\d+)")) with
| Some is -> int_of_string is
| None -> failwith ("need a person with "^person_prefix) in
let seq_prefix = "--seq=" in
let seqfile = match (opt argv (seq_prefix^"([^ ]+)")) with
| Some file -> file
| None -> begin
match (opt (List.rev argv) "(^[^-].+)") with
| Some s -> s
| None -> failwith ("need a sequence file either with "^seq_prefix^" or by itself")
end in
fprintf stderr "reading sequences from %s\n" seqfile; flush stderr;
let ppp_prefix = "--ppp=" in
let ppp_file = match (opt argv (ppp_prefix^"(.*\\.ppp)")) with
| Some file -> file
| None -> failwith ("need the ppp file with "^ppp_prefix) in
let ppp = Common.read_ppp ppp_file in
let person_ports = (function x,y,_ -> x,y) ppp in
let our_pp =
List.find (fun (p,_) -> p = person) person_ports
with Not_found -> failwith "this person is not modeled by our servers" in
let vocab = "/Users/alexyk/cells/vocab/all-cells.txt" in
let port = snd our_pp in
let lm = create_client order port vocab in
(* -- before, I noticed that
-- a computation has to be made to get some real words
-- besides -pau- -pau- -pau- ...
let ppl = lm#compute seqfile in
printf "seq compute =>\n%s\n\n" ppl; *)
printf "reading sample from %s\n" seqfile; flush stdout;
let seqs = Seq.read_many seqfile in
(* let seqs = [[1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10];[10;9;8;7;6;5;4;3;2;1]] in *)
let gens = generate_many pereach lm len seqs in
List.iter2 (fun seq (prefix,suffixes) ->
printf "original sentence: %s\n" (join seq);
printf "prefix %d words: %s\n" (List.length prefix) (join prefix); flush stdout;
printf "generated +%d words, %d times:\n" len (List.length suffixes); flush stdout;
List.iter (fun suffix -> printf " : %s\n" (join suffix); flush stdout) suffixes)
seqs gens;
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