Slack Outgoing WebHook Integration to search for Australian businesses and POIs.
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Slack Outgoing WebHook Integration to search for Australian businesses and POIs using the Sensis API. Runs on Google App Engine.


$ cp src/main/webapp/config.json.template src/main/webapp/config.json

Edit src/main/webapp/config.json and fill in values for:

  • ozfindbiz.sapi.key : Go to and register for a Sensis API Test key and paste it here.
  • ozfindbiz.slack.tokens : Get the token from the Slack Outgoing WebHook integration page and paste it here.
  • ozfindbiz.defaultLocation : Enter a location that will be searched if a location is not specified by the user. May be a geocode or address text. Must be within Australia.

You may optionally change:

  • ozfindbiz.resultSize : Number of results to return. Maximum of 20.

$ cp src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml.template src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml

Edit src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml to fill in your Google App Engine application name within the <application></application> tags.


Start it locally:

$ gradle appengineRun

Paste this in your browser


You should see a JSON formatted text listing some cafes around the default location you've specified. If it doesn't work, look at the console for errors.


$ gradle appengineUpdate


From the Slack service page, create an Outgoing WebHook Integration with the following Google App Engine URL:


Examples, if your trigger word is "find me":

  • find me cafes
  • find me vets in richmond vic
  • find me bunnings in melbourne
  • find me curry near 222 lonsdale street, melbourne, vic
  • find me ATMs in 3150
  • find me fish and chips around -38.147518,144.361369
  • find me toilets near opera house
  • find me petrol stations near chadstone shopping centre, vic

You can replace "find me ", they are treated exactly the same. If the trigger word contains "map me " instead, it will paste a single Google Static Map link into the Slack response so that the map is fetched.

Note that the what part (business type or name) of the query is separated from the where part using a join word. Valid join words are:

near, in, around, nearby, on, at

They are all treated exactly the same, there is no semantic difference between them.

The last 2 examples use landmarks as location. Landmarks may be popular tourist sites, shopping centres, big parks, etc. Only some landmarks are supported, it is an experimental feature.


When you've finally obtained your SAPI API Prod key, paste it into the ozfindbiz.sapi.key configuration in file src/main/webapp/config.json Then change the ozfindbiz.sapi.mode configuration from test to prod .