Control Jarvis using Siri on iOS Devices
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Control Jarvis using Siri on iOS devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac

Principle Ask Siri to add a Note (synced to your gmail account) containing an order. This plugins monitors these Notes and make Jarvis execute the order.


Gmail account setup

  1. Have a Gmail account
  2. IMAP enabled (Gmail > Settings > Transfert IMAP > Activate IMAP)

iOS device setup

  1. Go to Settings > Notes > Accounts and add Gmail
  2. Make sure sync of Notes is enabled for this Account
  3. Select Gmail as default Account for new Notes in Settings > Notes > Default Account
  4. Reboot your iOS device to take into account new default Notes account


  1. Make sure Jarvis is running
  2. Invoke Siri (long press home button or "Hey Siri")
  3. Say "Note" and your order, ex: "Note allume le bar"
Jarvis: J'allume le bar