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  • nib (to make it easier to share styles?)
  • Mock filesystem for tests so I don’t need to write to /tmp
  • Make template language configurable, default to jade
  • If enough people get confused about manually installing Express, I’ll make it a dependency for the optional dev server mode
  • Autogenerate new files, generate index pages when posts change
  • Make it possible to generate sites with relative URLs fairly easily (I want to generate things for directories on dropbox)


  • Plugins
  • User filters and post filters: replace all text, useful for custom filtering
  • User helpers: passed to Jade, get `site` as `this`
  • Post meta data: in particular “summaries” (which work with markdown/textile/helpers)
  • Document use as modules
  • Config file
  • Built-in templates
  • Helpers
  • hNews
  • Jade/Stylus


  • prettyprint
  • google analytics
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