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-This is a JavaScript implementation of "Riot":
+This is a JavaScript implementation of "Riot":
It will run in a browser or in Rhino.
-The tests look like this:
+h3. Example
+Tests look like this:
<pre> {
@@ -49,7 +51,7 @@ h3.
It can also be called with no parameters to run tests defined with <code>Riot.context</code>. This can be used to create a set of files with tests inside a <code>Riot.context</code> for each file
-h3. Todo
+h3. Packaging
+Packaged as a RubyGem usable via "XPCOMCore-RubyGems": -- "riotjs-xpcc":
-* Extract the assertions into their own property list so adding user-defined ones is cleaner
-* Package as rubygem (-xpcc)

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