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updated readme to remove dead alias explanation and added todo

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@@ -37,10 +37,14 @@ h3. Assertions
* <code>typeOf</code>
* <code>raises</code>
-h3. Aliases
-The <code>context</code> and <code>asserts</code> functions are aliased as global methods from the <code>Riot</code> object. If those methods are already used you can use the namespaced methods (like <code>Riot.context</code>).
<code> { // your tests });</code> just adds your tests to <code>window.onload</code>. If there's already an <code>onload</code> handler it'll prepend it. If there's no <code>window</code> it will just run the tests.
+h3. Todo
+* Assert matches
+* Add formatter for xpcomcore
+* Ask g-man about actual() -- I defer execution to transparently match functions/values, but does this make sense?
+* Extract the assertions into their own property list so adding user-defined ones is cleaner
+* If you don't give a damn then we don't give a fuck

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