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A rails application that aims to centralise government data collection through APIs and screen scraping
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  1. Uses geokit:
  2. Needs MySQL or Postgres (due to geokit’s requirements)
  3. Add a Google Maps API key to config/initializers/geokit_config.rb
  4. Sign up and get a key from: and put it in config/settings.yml (copy my example file and edit it)
  5. Copy the database.yml.example file and edit it


This is a project for Rewired State.

StateAware aims to collect, combine and enrich government data through APIs and screen scraping. I wanted StateAware to achieve two things:

  • The government won’t make sensible APIs, so let’s do it for them
  • Make people more aware of locally relevant government data (through a web interface and iPhone app)

This is the result of a one day hacking session and isn’t even at the proof of concept stage yet, but I’m uploading it in case anyone wants to use the code for something else. I was in the middle of reworking the ScraperParser to cope with Cookies and copying headers, so it needs to be finished off.


  • StateAware is written in Rails
  • It collects values from various APIs based on user input and serializes the data in a model called DataPoint
  • If data matching DataPoints have been found recently, it doesn’t refetch it from a particular API (effectively caching it so APIs/sites don’t get hammered)
  • DataPoints are grouped by DataGroups, APIs and Scrapers. DataGroups are a generic group that might appear in a user interface (categories really, this could easily have been tags)

Data collection

StateAware collects data through API and Scraper classes. The APIs are currently subclasses of an ActiveRecord model called Api. Scrapers are also models, but use a scraper DSL that should make it easier for people to contribute scrapers.

The Scraper DSL was just a quick one I knocked up for the prototype, but isn’t friendly enough yet.

Enriching data

I installed GeoKit with the aim of automatically geocoding data. I also wanted to collect Twitter search info about a particular DataPoint for its location. Another interesting search would be news items (perhaps from Google News or the BBC).

The first API I supported was I thought it would be interesting to see news links based on MPs and the things they’ve talked about.

I also tried to support UK flood warnings so I could have Twitter searches for people in those areas talking about the floods, but I got stuck trying to scrape their site.

Future expansion

  • I didn’t do any work towards enriching data, but this could easily be added
  • I designed an iPhone map that would show local data (that’s why a lot of the code refers to postcode searches currently)
  • Each API and Scraper should define the datatype inputs it takes for relevant searching
  • APIs and Scraper stubs need to including licensing details
  • I started adding controllers that speak JSON and XML. The ultimate goal was trusted remote clients that can contribute data — this would help if a particular site blocks the IP of the scrapers
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