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10 README.textile
@@ -10,19 +10,19 @@ h3. Usage
In a Node project:
var textile = require('stextile');
textile('h1. A header');
In the shell:
-stextile file.textile
+$ stextile file.textile
# HTML printed to stdout
h3. TO-DO
85 test.html
@@ -1,85 +0,0 @@
-<h2 style="color:green">This is a title</h2>
-<h3>This is a subhead</h3>
-<p style="color:red">This is some text of &#8216;dubious character&#8217;. Isn&#8217;t the use of &#8220;quotes&#8221; just lazy writing &#8212; and theft of &#8216;intellectual property&#8217; besides? I think the time has come to see a block quote.</p>
-<blockquote lang="fr">This is a block quote. I&#8217;ll admit it&#8217;s not the most exciting block quote ever devised.</blockquote>
-<p>Simple list:</p>
-<li style="color:blue">one </li>
-<li>two </li>
-<p>Multi&#8211;level list:</p>
-<li>one <ol>
-<li>aye </li>
-<li>bee </li>
-<li>see </li>
-</ol><li>two <ol>
-<li>x </li>
-<li>y </li>
-<p>Mixed list:</p>
-<li>Point one </li>
-<li>Point two <ol>
-<li>Step 1 </li>
-<li>Step 2 </li>
-<li>Step 3 </li>
-</ol><li>Point three <ul>
-<li>Sub point 1 </li>
-<li>Sub point 2</li>
-<p>Well, that went well. How about we insert an <a href="/" title="watch out">old-fashioned hypertext link</a>? Will the quote marks in the tags get messed up? No!</p>
-<p><a title="optional title" href="">This is a link</a></p>
-<p>This is a simple table:</p>
-<p>This table has a rowspan:</p>
-<td>A</td><td colspan="2">C</td></tr>
-<td>D</td><td rowspan="2">E </td><td>F</td></tr>
-<table style="border:1px solid black">
-<tr class="test" style="background:gray" lang="en">
-<td colspan="2">this is</td><td style="background:red;width:200px">a</td><td style="height:200px;vertical-align: top">row</td></tr>
-<tr class="bob" id="bob" style="padding:10px">
-<td>this</td><td style="padding:10px;text-align: left">is</td><td style="vertical-align: top">another</td><td class="bob" id="bob" style="text-align: right">row</td></tr>
-<p>An image:</p>
-<p><img src="" alt="optional alt text" /></p>
-<li>Librarians rule </li>
-<li>Yes they do </li>
-<li>But you knew that</li>
-<p>Some more text of dubious character. Here is some string of CAPITAL letters. Here is something we want to <em>emphasize</em>. </p>
-<p>That was a linebreak. And something to indicate <strong>strength</strong>. Of course I could use <em>my own HTML tags</em> if I <strong>felt</strong> like it.</p>
-<p>This <code>is some code, "isn't it"</code>. Watch those quote marks! Now for some preformatted text:</p>
- $text = str_replace("&lt;p&gt;%::%&lt;/p&gt;","",$text);
- $text = str_replace("%::%&lt;/p&gt;","",$text);
- $text = str_replace("%::%","",$text);
-<p>This isn&#8217;t code.</p>
-<p>So you see, my friends:</p>
-<li>The time is now </li>
-<li>The time is not later </li>
-<li>The time is not yesterday </li>
-<li>We must act </li>
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