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helps shorten units for
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Helps shorten units for


yarn global add unit-golf || npm install --global unit-golf


$ unit-golf [VALUE_TO_CONVERT]

Where VALUE_TO_CONVERT is any whole or fractional number of the following units:

px, vw, vh, in, cm, mm, pt, pc, em, ex, q, ch

If the unit is ommitted (eg, unit-golf 325) it will default to pixels.



Maximum difference in pixels that will be considered a match for a value. Defaults to 0.5. Decreasing will yield more exact but less concise results and vice versa.


Viewport width for the purpose of calculating vw units. Defaults to 400, which is what cssbattle currently uses.


Viewport height for the purpose of calculating vh units. Defaults to 300, which is what cssbattle currently uses.


$ unit-golf 57.3vw

⛳  32ex (-0.19px)

172pt (+0.14px)
229px (-0.19px)
57.3vw (+0.01px)
76.4vh (+0.01px)
242.6q (+0.03px)
6.06cm (-0.15px)
60.6mm (-0.15px)
28.65ch (+0.01px)
14.32pc (-0.07px)
14.32em (-0.07px)
2.39in (+0.25px)
$ unit-golf 57.3vw --tolerance 0

⛳  242.57q


Parens indicate how many pixels off each suggestion is from the target.

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