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Added the framework dumper so other people can easily class dump coco…

…a system frameworks in bulk.
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Alex Zielenski authored
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@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@ It builds as a SIMBL plugin; so to use, just build and put the plugin in "~/Libr
16 16
17 17 h3. Adding Your Own Features
18 18
  19 +I included an application (Framework Dumper) that gets class headers for cocoa frameworks and puts them into a directory. Use it to find hidden methods to override.
  20 +
19 21 The layout of the documents should be self-explanatory, if not. Here is a quick run through:
20 22
21 23 1. There is a root plugin class, BMXController.h which is in charge of initializing the plugin, starting the swizzling of all the methods, and basically just getting things going.

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