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(WIP) Golang API plus CLI for OnApp Cloud
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OnApp API for Golang and CLI

Build Status

This is to be a library for accessing the OnApp API with a Go interface.

In addition, there is to be a command line client that will mimic the feature set of the OnApp dashboard. Install via go install


Documentation for the API can be found at


You can install the onapp CLI command into your $GOPATH/bin via:

go get + go install

or download a binary release from here, if available.

Get started with onapp config, find usage via onapp help and onapp help [command].


  • config - Configure the tool to connect to a particular OnApp Dashboard Server (saves by default in ~/.onapp)
  • test: Test the config
  • help: Help text for all commands and subcommands
  • vm: Management of virtual machines
    • list <query>: List virtual machines and their current status in a table
    • start <id>: Start a virtual machine
    • stop <id>: Stop a virtual machine
    • reboot <id>: Reboot a virtual machine
    • ssh <id>: Launches ssh at the VM's first IP address and provides you with the root password
    • vnc <id>: Etablishes a VNC session on the cloud server and launches vncviewer (needs to be in path, at this time only RealVNC Viewer is supported)
    • copy-id <id>: Copies the user's ~/.ssh/ to the server's authorized_keys
    • stat <id>: SSH's into the machine (no password prompt) and runs vmstat 1 10, which it relays to stdout
    • tx <id> [num_to_list]: List of recent transactions on that VM
    • pass <id>: Copy password to the clipboard

Where <query> is mentioned, you can search via any exported field in onapp.VirtualMachine, i.e onapp vm list User=1 Booted=false. Try onapp help vm list for a list of fields.

Where <id> is mentioned, you may either provide exact #ID, exact Label or Hostname, or the CLI will attempt to guess which VM you mean via text similarity. Inexact matches will prompt confirmation.


Since the OnApp API can at times be slow (when listing all virtual machines, for example), the CLI will cache a copy of the list to ~/.onapp_cache. This copy is stripped of all root and VNC passwords.

If an item is found in the cache initially, the CLI will look the VM up at the API again (by ID, which is much faster) and retreive the passwords again.

You can also clear it using onapp vm clear-cache.