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# Playbook for setting up OpenShift v3.2 requirements
- hosts: all
- name: yum clean all
command: yum clean all
- name: subscription-manager refresh
command: "subscription-manager refresh"
- name: Enable chosen repositories
command: "subscription-manager repos --disable '*' --enable rhel-7-server-rpms --enable rhel-7-server-extras-rpms --enable rhel-7-server-ose-3.2-rpms"
- name: install libselinux-python
yum: name=libselinux-python state=installed
- name: install NetworkManager
yum: name=NetworkManager state=installed
- name: enable NetworkManager
service: name=NetworkManager enabled=true state=started
- name: Install required packages
name: "{{ item }}"
state: installed
- wget
- git
- net-tools
- bind-utils
- iptables-services
- bridge-utils
- bash-completion
- name: Update the system
yum: state=latest name='*'
- name: Install atomic-openshift-utils
yum: state=installed name=atomic-openshift-utils
- name: Install docker
yum: state=installed name='docker-1.10.3'
- name: Enable insecure docker registry
shell: sed -i "s|OPTIONS=.*|OPTIONS='--selinux-enabled --insecure-registry'|g" /etc/sysconfig/docker
- name: docker-storage-setup
shell: docker-storage-setup
- name: enable docker service
service: name=docker enabled=true state=started
- hosts: masters
- name: Install htpasswd
yum: state=installed name=httpd-tools
- name: ensure /etc/origin/master esists
file: path=/etc/origin/master state=directory
- name: checking if /etc/origin/master/htpasswd exists
stat: path=/etc/origin/master/htpasswd
register: p
- name: create developer user
shell: echo developer | htpasswd -i -c /etc/origin/master/htpasswd developer
when: p.stat.exists is not defined or not p.stat.exists