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Alf Relational Algebra

Alf Relational Algebra

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  1. alf alf Public

    Relational Algebra at your fingertips

    Ruby 61 4

  2. alf-core alf-core Public

    Core classes, the kernel of Alf

    Ruby 50 5

  3. try-alf try-alf Public

    HTML 7

  4. alf-sequel alf-sequel Public

    An adapter for using Alf with common SQL DBMSs, thanks to Sequel

    Ruby 4 1

  5. alf-sql alf-sql Public

    Compiler from Alf relational expressions to SQL

    Ruby 3 1

  6. alf-shell alf-shell Public

    Brings Alf's relational algebra to the shell.

    Ruby 2


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