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The Aceys

This is a Ruby/Sinatra web application for anonymous voting for any competition. It was developed by Alfa Jango Web-based Software to facilitate a sort of "People's Choice" awards for the Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurship event and can be found at

This app was developed specifically for being deployed to Heroku's cloud platform. See instructions below for cloning this applicaiton and deploying for your own use.

Here is a sample/template sinatra application ready for deployment to Heroku.

NOTE This is for and not

  • Create an acount in seconds at Heroku.
  • Install the gem sudo gem install heroku.
  • If you do not have an SSH key you'll need to generate one and tell Heroku about it
  • Clone this repo git clone git:// [appname]
  • cd /path/to/project
  • heroku create [optional-app-name] (You can rename your app with heroku rename)
  • git push heroku master


The small amount of code is heavily commented. If you have questions or comments please use the channels provided by the Sinatra community as we at Heroku are heavily involved in Sinatra. Please use the Heroku mailing list if you have non Sinatra questions.

See these guidelines for contributing or bugs.

Happy Development and Deploying!

Sincerely, The Heroku Team